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Top Bars in St. Johns

by Starwood Caribbean

St. John may be the smallest of the three Virgin Islands, but what it lacks in space it makes up in liveliness. Since more than 60% of the island is home to the USVI National Park, a thick tropical forest, little space remains for bars and restaurants, leaving every bar a hot-spot. Check out these seven places to relax and enjoy a drink or two in one of the best bars of St. John.

Skinny Legs

Skinny Legs can best be explained as a renovated “Mom & Pop” bar, they are laid-back and have events weekly that many of the locals attend. Expect live music, a friendly atmosphere, and a famous sell-out hot sauce.


The Beach Bar

Its proximity to shopping malls and a ferry dock give the Beach Bar a perfect location, and the lively atmosphere, open-air layout, and seats in the sand make it a gem of St. John’s. The bartenders are super friendly and always make sure the crowd is having a good time–making perfect drinks and coordinating music with the DJ or live band. Highly recommended for lunch or dinner, their menu includes everything from a buffalo shrimp to a Painkiller at happy hour!


Joe’s Rum Hut

If you are in search of a great happy hour or lunch spot, make a stop at Joe’s Rum Hut. Although they have a more traditional menu, their drinks are delicious and the prices are unbeatable. . Every seat in the bar offers a great view of the bay and the beautiful sunset. Many of the locals will recommend going here, and if you do, be sure to try their “to-die-for” lobster pizza.


The Tourist Trap

The Tourist Trap is a delicious choice for on-the-go eating, serving hot-dogs, lobster rolls, and beef tacos amongst other favorites. The seating resembles an outdoor BBQ with picnic tables and bird feeders. The staff here is also super friendly and sure to make you feel at home!


The Tap Room

There’s always that one night on vacation where you end up staying out way later than expected, dancing and singing with family and friends. When this happens, you will more than likely find yourself at the Tap Room, St. John’s favorite dancing bar.


Woody’s Seafood Saloon

Woody’s Seafood Saloon is an authentic spot located in Cruz Bay, and an excellent place for people-watching and grabbing a bite to eat. Do not let the small urban appearance fool you, although it may not look as new as some of the other bars. It is a fantastic spot for a cold beer and delicious fried snacks.



If you are in search for an all-around good time, then pencil Castaway’s into your itinerary. The top floor is more family orientated with sit-down tables, music and a friendly staff, but if you head downstairs you will undoubtedly find the best music on the island and a crowded dance floor. If you are looking to spend all night dancing with islanders and super inexpensive drinks, this is the place to go.

St. John will keep you entertained morning and night with different activities and bars to test out, and fortunately none will disappoint. Whether you are interested in a party at the Castaways, or want to catch a football game at Joe’s Rum Hut, you will be in the presence of friendly locals and great music.



Top Bars in St. Johns