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Kid-ing Around – Things To Do With Your Kids In San Juan

by Starwood Caribbean

Top Things To Do With Your Kids In San Juan

A family vacation is a great way to reconnect and do things that bring pleasure to the whole family, and Puerto Rico is a great place to enjoy with kids of all ages. The tropical weather with year-round sunshine, the friendly people, and the rich history make it the perfect destination for a family getaway.

Whether you choose to stay in the popular tourist spots around San Juan, or venture out to other popular destinations throughout the island, there are plenty of activities to enjoy with the family; and given the island’s small size, most locations are within easy reach. These are the top activities to enjoy with kids in San Juan.

Castillo San Felipe del Morro

Start off your day with a little bit of history and a trip back in time. This 16th century fortress located in Old San Juan makes for a fun adventure with the kids. Let them soak up a history lesson while they explore the winding passageways and the amazing views of the bay. This adventure is sure to make the little ones feel like pirates and princesses, but the adventure doesn’t end there. The green areas surrounding the fort are the perfect spot to fly a kite with the help of the warm Caribbean breeze, so come prepared. Once you’re finished exploring this fort, walk or take a shuttle to Castillo de San Cristobal, an 18th century fortress where you can have fun exploring the intricate tunnel system.


El Escambron and Isla Verde Beaches

The beach is definitely a must-visit location on any tropical vacation and kids will certainly appreciate a day of sun and fun. Most beaches in San Juan are open to the public but two in particular, El Escambron and Isla Verde, are perfect for families because they have changing rooms, bathrooms with showers, and restaurants. These beaches are also perfect for those with younger kids because there isn’t strong surf making the water calmer and easier for swimming. Parents and older kids can have fun with watersports like snorkeling or banana boats by renting equipment from some of the local kiosks.


EcoQuest Adventures and Tours

This next activity is just five minutes away from San Juan and it’s perfect for those families that love to explore the outdoors and crave a little adrenaline. The whole family can enjoy guided tours through beautiful rainforest scenery. Adults and older kids can participate in such exhilarating activities like hiking, rappelling and kayaking. This company specializes in tours and excursions while promoting ecotourism and the conservation of Puerto Rico’s natural wonders. They can customize the adventure to fit the needs of your family.


San Juan’s Children Museum

This next activity is perfect for a rainy day or if you need to escape San Juan’s heat. The museum is conveniently located in old San Juan so if you find you need to give your kids a break from walking and sightseeing, then make sure to stop here and let the kids learn and explore, while they have fun. They’ll be able to enjoy three floors of interactive exhibitions including a climbing wall, a giant replica of a human heart and a TV studio.



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Kid-ing Around – Things To Do With Your Kids In San Juan